Sunday, December 9, 2018

My new skin care routine

With the beautiful Toska Husted who I have to thank for my improved skin!

One of my most requested blog posts over the last year has been to share my skin care routine so today, I am doing just that.  A year ago I didn't have much of a skin care routine to be honest.  I washed my face and used a drug store night cream, but that was the extent of my "skin care".  One of my new year's resolutions in 2018 was to start getting regular facials and taking better care of my skin.  After all, I am not getting any younger and those years I spent baking in the sun in high school and college are catching up with me.

I didn't really know where to begin, but had heard great things about Toska European Spa here in Charlotte and decided to book an appointment in January of this year.  Toska Husted is a well known esthetician here in town and I had seen some amazing results on clients by following her on Instagram.  After seeing the improvements in her clients, I decided I was willing to make the financial investment to have Toska and her team help me improve my skin.  When it comes to clothes, I am all about looking for the best deal, but when it comes to my skin, I want to use what works even if it means paying more.  After all, it's the only skin I've got!

Reception area at Toska European Spa

So many amazing products!

I was a bit intimidated when I called to make an appointment because I had no idea what to even ask for!  Of course I had nothing to be worried about because Toska's staff was super nice and reassured me that I didn't need to request a specific facial.  They told me that my skin would be evaluated at my first appointment and they would tailor the treatment specifically to my needs.  True to their word, when I went in for my first facial, Toska did an in depth evaluation of my skin using a machine that reads hydration, elasticity, oil, and several other skin characteristics.  Based on her evaluation, my skin consisted of hyper pigmentation and fine lines.  With that in mind, she tailored a personalized treatment to rejuvenate my skin.  I was also introduced to Biologique Recherche products, as Toska's spa is one of the few places in the U.S. that carries this line from Paris.  I had read that Jennifer Anniston uses this line, and she has beautiful skin, so I was eager to try the products.

I have tried several treatments at Toska European Spa over the past year and most recently had the Supreme Oxylight facial.  It was by far the most amazing facial I have ever had! It involves several treatments including dermabrasion, light therapy, micro current therapy, and oxygen infusion spray.  Rather than trying to give you the long definition of each of these steps, I thought I would quote Toska's website.  It says this is "the ultimate combination of treatments for optimal non-invasive skin rejuvenation".   I couldn't have said it better myself!  My skin was tighter, plumper, smoother and looked better than it has in years.  There are a bunch of different treatment options available at the spa including a new client introduction facial which is a great one to start with.  Be sure to check the "Beauty" highlight on my Instagram Stories to see some footage of my recent treatment!

My favorite product - P50 balancing exfoliator

Even if you are not in Charlotte, you can still take advantage of Toska's expertise and the amazing products she sells.  You can fill out information about your skin on their website and receive a free consultation and recommendations for the best products based on your skin type.  Speaking of products, I thought I would share the products that I currently use.  Please know that I did not buy all of these at once.  I started with two products (P50 balancing exfoliator and Masque VIP O2) and gradually added additional items.  As I mentioned earlier, I have made a personal decision to invest in my skin.  Toska's staff can help you choose the best products to start with based on your needs.

Eau Micellaire Biosensible - gentle make up remover
Lait E.V. - milky cleanser
P50 Original 1970 - balancing exfoliator
Masque VIP O2 - brightening and unifying mask
Masque PIGM 400 -mask to make skin more even
Serum Dermapore - serum to help shrink pores
Serum Oligo-Proteines Marines - brightening serum (helps with dark circles around eyes)
Serum Collagene Natif - toning and tightening serum
Serum PIGM 400 - dark spot correcting serum
Creme VIP O2 - brightening and unifying creme

I know this may seem like a lot of products, but again, I started out using only one consistently each day and even now do not use each of these products every time I wash my face.  If I only had to pick one product to use, it would be the P50 balancing exfoliator.  It was the first one I started with and I quickly saw an improvement in my skin's brightness after using it.

I have now been using Biologique Recherche products and going to Toska European Spa for facial treatments for almost a year and have seen an amazing improvement in my skin.   My pigmentation has improved and the lines on my neck and chest are less pronounced.  My skin feels more hydrated and all around healthier.  I have received more compliments on my skin since starting this new skin care routine than I ever have previously.  I am so pleased that I made the investment of my time and money to get healthier skin and now have a regimen that I am comfortable maintaining.

If you have read this far in this blog post, thank you! I know this is a longer than usual post, but wanted to share my full skin care journey with you all.  I hope this has been helpful to you and would love to hear your feedback if you start using any of these products.  If you have any questions about my personal experience, please feel free to send me an email.  Of course if you have any questions about the specific products or treatments, you can read more on Toska's website or her Instagram.  Be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook for daily Smart Southern Style updates.  I appreciate you following along!

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