Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A skirt to wear year round


Hi everyone!  I'm a day late with my blog post this week, because happens sometimes, right?!?  One of the things I told myself at the beginning of the year in this post was that I was going to work on giving myself more grace in all areas of my life, including the blog.  And, this is one of those times! But anyhow, on with my post...

Earlier this week, I worked on a fun project with one of my blogger friends, LauRen Merola, with "All of the F-Words" blog. (Such a great blog name, right?!?)  LauRen has a podcast called The Style Squad and she invited me on to talk about fashion from the Screen Actors Guild awards.  We had a great time talking about all the hits and misses on the red carpet!  You can listen to the podcast HERE.

Not sure about where you all live, but here, the weather has been a bit crazy!  We had snow last week, and this week, we are seeing high temps around 60 degrees.  I know we aren't finished with winter yet, but these warmer temps have me ready for spring!  If you are looking for a cute item to add to your closet to wear now as well as when it gets warmer, I've got the perfect option for you!  This pretty floral skirt is an item you can wear year round.

I am wearing it now with this beautiful cream blouse that has some detailing on the bodice, along with over the knee boots.  You could also wear the skirt now with a cream, pink or grey cardigan.  As it gets warmer, I plan to pair it with a pink or white tee shirt and some flat sandals for a more casual look.  I will also dress up the skirt some with a pretty short sleeve top and some wedges.

I am all about finding clothes that can be worn year round, and this pretty floral skirt is definitely one of my new favorites!  I would love to hear...what are some items you have in your closet that you wear year round?  Feel free to comment below or send me an email.  Thanks as always for reading Smart Southern Style!


  1. What an awesome look! I love floral patterns and I’m in love with your skirt. Love your look, Beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! I love floral patterns as well. I appreciate the kind words!



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