Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fall Trends Series: Part 3 - Velvet

Happy Fall everyone!  I was fortunate enough to spend last weekend in the mountains and it was fabulous.   I was at the Women’s Retreat with my church and it was wonderful to spend time with other women of faith, and learning more about God.  You can truly see the beauty of God’s creation in the mountains during the fall!

I am back with the final part in my Fall Trends series and today I am talking about velvet.  If you missed Parts 1 or 2 of this series, you can read Part 1 here and click here to read Part 2 of my series to learn about some of my other favorite trends for fall.  Now I have to say, if someone told me even a year ago that velvet would be a top trend, I am not sure I would have believed it.  Previously, when I thought of velvet, I had this vision of a 60s leisure suit…something that Austin Powers would wear!  But, that is not the case any more!  Velvet is so on trend right now and there are so many ways you can incorporate it into your closet.  

One of the easiest ways is to add velvet to your wardrobe is to add a velvet purse to your collection.  We can never have too many purses, am I right?!?   I found this super cute velvet clutch that I fell in love with.  First, I love the color (gimme all the pink!!) and the clutch is a perfect size for a night out.  This one also comes in a few other great color options for fall.  And I think velvet is a bit dressier than most other purse materials, so you could easily use a velvet purse for a fancier event or night out.  

Another top velvet trend right now is shoes. These pretty burgundy velvet booties are so unique and a great way to add some velvet to a simple outfit.  Here I paired them with a simple white tunic and jeans to draw attention to my cute shoes.  You can also find velvet sneakers, flats and heels right now, and many are super affordable! I’ve linked 2 pairs of velvet shoes under $25 here and here.

And finally, there are so many fun velvet tops out right now.  You can find velvet tops and jackets in every style and price point!  For a more subtle look, I like adding a velvet cami under a black blazer and jeans, and the cami I have on here is only $13!  This is a great look for a night out with just a touch of velvet.  I have also linked some other cute velvet tops under $25 here and here

I hope you have enjoyed this series and have been inspired to try out some of these fall trends.  Are there any other topics you would like me to write about in upcoming blog posts? If so, please add a comment on this post or send me an email at smartsoutherstyle@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you!  Thanks so much for reading.  I truly appreciate it!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fall Trends Series: Part 2 - Embroidery

Hello friends!  I am back with Part 2 of my Fall Trends series, and today I am talking about embroidery.  (If you missed Part 1 of this series, click here to read more about my love for bell sleeves.)  Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have probably seen that embroidery is everywhere…tops, jeans, shoes, purses…you name it!  Embroidery can add an interesting touch to anything!  As a big believer in not spending a bunch of money on trendy clothing, I’ve found some great pieces with embroidery for really affordable prices.  Every embroidered piece pictured here is under $40!

This military jacket was one of the first things I bought with embroidery on it.  It is a classic olive cargo jacket but has some embroidered flowers on the sleeves  So cute, right?!  It is under $40, so super affordable too.  You can easily throw this on with a simple tee and jeans and look instantly on trend.  It also would look cute over a dress with some casual sneakers.  Be sure to size down in this jacket, as it does run big.  

Embroidery is popping up lately on jeans too.  Admittedly, some of the embroidered jeans are a little too wild for me.  This cute pair provides a subtle touch with some pretty embroidered flowers, but are just understated enough to not look too busy.  Like the jacket, the jeans are also affordable at under $40!  Pair these jeans with a simple top or cardigan and you are ready to go.

Last but not least, you can find embroidery on various styles of shoes right now.  If you aren’t sure about incorporating this trend on your clothes, embroidered shoes are a great option.  Here is a cute casual option that is black with red and green flowers, so they go with so much.  I pair these sneakers with anything red, black or white and every time I wear them I get so many compliments.  They are under $30, so you won’t break the bank while looking fashionable.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few ways to incorporate some embroidery in to your wardrobe.  Please be sure to check back next Tuesday for the final part of my Fall trends series.  If you aren’t already getting my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe by adding your email address in the box to the right of this post.  Thanks for visiting Smart Southern Style!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall Trends Series: Part 1 - Bell Sleeves

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!  We had a fantastic time in the NC mountains last weekend with friends and I will do a blog post on our trip soon.  But today, I am starting a 3 part series on fall trends I am loving right now.  First, I wanted to share one of my favorite trends of the fall season…bell sleeves!  Bell sleeves on a top or sweater is a great way to add some fun to your outfit.  

This sweater is one of my favorites I have found recently.  It is really soft and has the flared sleeves that aren’t too wide or too long.  (No one wants the dreaded sleeves in the food while eating, am I right??)  It comes in several other colors, but I love this pretty blush pink shade.  This cutie is only $39, so it is really affordable too!  I paired this with some colored jeans and a tassel necklace in complementing colors for a clean yet colorful look.

Similar bell sleeve top here and here \\ Jeans \\ Similar necklace \\
Similar cross-body bag here and here \\ Similar booties

Here is another top that I am loving right now.  It has a more exaggerated bell sleeve, but the sleeves are also practical as they are not too long.  I found a few similar tops in darker fall shades that are also really soft.  I like this burgundy color with denim, but it would also look great with some grey or even white jeans.  (Yes, you can wear white jeans after Labor Day!)

If the wider sleeves aren’t for you, there are plenty of tops that have a more subtle bell sleeve.  This shirt has a slight bell sleeve at the cuff that is fun yet a little more understated.  It has some pretty embroidery on it…one of my other favorite trends right now.  That’s a topic for a different post, so stay tuned!

If you don’t already have a bell sleeved top this season, I encourage you to give one a try!  It is a great way to have a trendy look without breaking the bank.  I’d love to hear from you if you find a bell sleeve top or sweater you really love.  Thanks so much for stoping by and I hope you come back for Part 2 of my Fall Trends series on Thursday.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Welcome to Smart Southern Style

Similar grey cardigan here and here \\ Pink tank \\ Statement necklace \\ Jeans \\ 

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to launch my new fashion and lifestyle blog, Smart Southern Style!  My name is Laura, and I am a wife, mama and fashion addict from Charlotte, NC.  I've had a love for fashion ever since I was a teenager and have always been interested in the latest trends, dressing for my body type and finding a great sale!   I started following fashion bloggers a year or so ago, and noticed quickly that there were not many bloggers in the age range of me and my friends. There were lots of super cute girls in their 20s and early 30s, and even some lovely ladies in their 50s and above.  But, I did not see many bloggers in their mid to late 30s and 40s.  I created this blog as a way to provide fashion inspiration to women my age (and any other age too!) who want to live a fashionable life without breaking the bank.

On my blog, you can expect to find my must have pieces for each season, great sale finds, different ways to style one clothing item and everything in between!  With every post, I will include links to what I am wearing under each photo so you can easily shop my looks.  I will post a new blog entry every week - on Tuesday, Thursday or both time permitting.  To have my posts delivered directly to your inbox, be sure to enter your email address to the right of this post under “Subscribe”.  Any fashion related posts will be found under the “Fashion” tab at the top of the blog. 

Fashion is my main passion (I’m a poet too apparently!), but I also have a love for home decor and will occasionally post about my latest decor finds, ideas and trends.  I enjoy travel as well, so when I visit a place I think you all would like to know more about, I will write a post about my trip.  Any posts like these that are not fashion related can be found under the “Lifestyle” tab at the top of this page.  

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, you can find me by clicking here as I post on IG at least once a day.  You can shop any of my Instagram looks from the “Shop” tab at the top of this page.  I will also repost those looks on my Facebook page, so you can follow along here.  You can follow me here if you are on Pinterest to easily access any of my latest blogs posts as well.  

I want this to be a place where like-minded ladies can come together to have fun, get some fashion ideas and build each other up!  I would love to hear from you about anything you would like to see on the blog, so feel free to comment below or send me an email.  I’m so grateful you stopped by Smart Southern Style and I am looking forward to this new adventure!

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